Slate Tiles for Bath Surrounds

Tiles Perfect for Modern Baths and Bathrooms

Sunken baths and tubs are fast becoming a popular choice in modern homes, with this new style becoming more popular than the free standing bath design of the last few years.  Ardosia Slate have been responsible for providing bespoke and hand cut slate tiles for a range of commercial and private bathrooms that feature sunken or semi sunken and built in bath units. Our slate fits in perfectly for modern or contemporary bathroom tiles where you desire high quality bathroom tiling with a great aesthetic look.

Why Use Slate for Bath Surrounds?

  • Slate is ideal for sunken bath surrounds, waterproof and durable, a modern choice for bathrooms cladding.
  • For raised baths, slate bathroom tiles is a great cladding choice where the typical plastic covering is not suitable.
  • Slate can be used for custom mad baths and bath panels in any size or shape.
  • Slate is ideal for as a commercial bathroom tile due to its durable and waterproofing properties.
  • An Ideal solution for sunken bath steps where the slate can be cut to a thicker depth.
  • Slate can be used as the cladding and the bathroom floor tiling for an all over look and feel.
  • Suitable for all types of designs in modern bathrooms, bespoke sizes and custom orders can be catered for.

Sunken baths are often appealing as they are perceived as a place to relax, providing convenient spaces to hold items such as drinks, books and towels close to hand whilst you are luxuriating. Suitable for many homes, one of the major benefits of a sunken bath is that they are easy to get in and allow greater flexibility in choice of décor by hiding much of the bulk of the bath tub. In essence, they are the latest choice for interior designers and architects creating a new aesthetic that solves many problems with a contemporary and modern feel.

Producing beautiful custom made slate bathroom tiles to exact architectural specifications is a typical service demanded of Ardosia and these are frequently cut and finished to fit in with the environment surrounding differing sizes and styles of bathroom. Tile shapes and sizes can be cut to size and shape, or delivered directly from stock for standard sizes and finished with different surfaces (e.g. riven, polished or aged) as required.

Whatever your needs, Ardosia Slate are specialists in providing a solution as our team of skilled craftsmen have many years experience in making bespoke slate products.

Ardosia Slate is based in North Devon and is a family owned and run business where the customer always comes first. Having developed a reputation for providing high quality slate products at competitive prices, Ardosia can provide you with a solution if you are looking for something extra special and unique for your sunken bath surround or wall tiling in your bathroom. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a no obligation quote.


Large copper contemporary bath in a stunning modern bathroom with slate tiles
Large copper contemporary bath in a stunning modern bathroom with slate tiles
Oval bath with an oval shaped surround made in custom slate
modern bathroom with slate wall tiles and shower wall tiles
Round natural stone sink in a contemporary shower room with slate bathroom wall tiles
Bespoke and custom made shower and jacuzzi area with slate wall tiles
bathroom vanity unit with black slate top
bathroom with slate shelves
bathroom bespoke washstand with slate surround with slate bathroom floor tiles