FLOOR TILES in Natural Slate

Ardosia Natural Slate tiles in black and or blue/grey can be used to enhance any area of flooring be it inside or outside, kitchans, bathrooms, anywherein a commercial or domestic setting. In addition to the obvious aesthetic advantages the natural slate will provide an extremely durable and safe surface that requires the very minimum of maintenance (see the Technical Specifications on our 'ABOUT' page).

Brazilian slate flooring provides the ideal medium for storing and transferring the heat supplied by ‘under floor heating systems’ (wet or electrical). It has been claimed that a similar level of comfort is achieved at a temperature 2 degrees lower than with conventional radiators. Wall radiators are convectors, heating the air (from the ceiling down); using under floor heating the whole floor area emits heat. Other advantages include the freedom to site furniture, fewer dust traps, lower risk of injury from hot radiators and in bath/wet rooms the floors will dry more quickly Ardosia Slate hold extensive stocks of Brazilian slate tiles in a variety of sizes and perfect for kitchen floor tiles and bathroom floor tiles with delivery across the UK. All our Brazilian natural slate is from blocks accurately cut to square by laser guided diamond saw and then 'hand split' to provide double sided slate tiles.

Due to the excellent qualities of the material the process provides a product of fairly consistent thickness and a fine riven surface.However, the majority of our slate tiles and slabs are 'calibrated i.e. these products are machined on the reverse side to ensure that a constant, even thickness is achieved.

Ardosia Brazilian slate flooring tiles are available from stock in: Graphite (Black) - Generally a very dark slate with some lighter patterning and lightly textured. This is the most popular colour for flooring. Cinza, Blue/Grey (perceived by some as Green/Grey) this has a lighter, generally very even colour; though there is always a degree of patterning which emphasises its natural origins. Usually this slate is very lightly textured. Preta (Hand Polished Black) - Usually quite dark with obvious patterning which has blurred edges giving an appearance of softness.As one would expect, the texture is smooth and extremely tactile.

Due to the large stocks we hold of our standard size tiles a customer can be sure of quick delivery, whether laying the tiles in a uniform, single size or 'random' pattern (please see our gallery for examples).Where a customer requires 'non-stock' sizes these can be provided by our in house cutting and machining service, or delivered direct from the quarry for very large quantities; quotations can be provided on request. Prices for stock items are given on our 'PRICES' page. For information on our paving range, please visit our paving slabs page.

In addition to the slate tiles we hold stock of slate floor tile adhesives and sealers (we do not recommend the use of sand & cement with slate and stone products), grout and a range of maintenance products including cleaners; please visit our 'Ancillary Items' page for more detail and you are most welcome to contact us for advice/opinion on the most suitable product for your installation.

blue grey slate kitchen floor with large slate tiles
blue grey slate kitchen floor with large slate tiles
Herringbone Pattern In Black and grey Slate Tiles with cream units
Traditional rectangular slate floor tiles in graphite black in a hallway
light and dark grey slate floor tiles with natural stone colouring in a mixed pattern
Open plan dining room with blue grey slate pattern in a modern room
traditional cottage kitchen diner with slate floor in dark grey with cream breakfast bar
kitchen with blue grey slate floor, contrasting coloured units and breakfast island