Candle Holders in Slate

Ardosia Slate work in conjunction with a local manufacturer of candles to provide both an extremely attractive, yet eminently practical solution for displaying his beautiful slate candle holders, whilst protecting the surface on which they stand.

He says that our slate complements his candles; we of course hold the opposite view, but many would say that we were both correct. His candles are made in North Devon using vegetable oil and soya in a traditional process and of course they can be scented to a customer’s requirements (Tesco’s have butchers and bakers but don’t make candles yet).

These slate candle holders are a must for displaying any bespoke handmade candle and they are produced in many sizes to suit all shapes and type of candles. The slate candle holders are produced from the same high quality Brazilian slate we use for all our products and we maintain stocks of various colour slate to satisfy special requirements.

There are holders for single candles, 2, 3, 4, or 5 candles and the design is only limited by your imagination. Slate candle holders are available from as little as £12.00 plus Vat and delivery.

Slate Candle Holders
Slate Candle Holders
Slate Candle Holders in thick slate
Slate candle holdder mats