Roof vents and bat access points

Slate Roof Ventilation Tiles

The slate roof vents that we stock will ensure compliance with current 'building regulations', where a requirement has been stipulated by the authorities. These vents in slate are fitted to a roofing slate that can be installed in an existing or new roof  to allow it's aesthetics to appear unchanged. Different sizes and types are available for specific purposes, contact us with any queries.

The installations can allow direct airflow to a roof space or by using a connection kit they can accept ducting from kitchen or bathroom extractor fans, overcoming the need for 'holes to be drilled in walls.

In addition to using our standard stock slate we can offer a service to fit these 'kits' to a slate, or concrete tile, provided by the customer. We provide full and detailed instructions for the installation of the modified slate ventilation tiles to the roof.

Prices for slates (500 x 200mm Brazilian Black or Grey) fitted with the standard vent start at £42.50 +VAT and the optional 'exhaust conversion kit' costing  just £2.50 +VAT

Slate Bat Access Tiles

It is now widely recognised that there is a need to reduce our carbon footprint and one of the many ways that this is being achieved is by improved insulation and sealing of our buildings (both industrial and domestic). However, as a consequence of us striving to improve the environment in this way we are reducing the capacity for 'Bats' (and other wildlife such as Swifts) to find the habitats they need to breed and prosper. The Bat Access Points that we can provide will restore the natural access that many 'planning approvals' require. They allow these creatures into the dry and dark habitat required for their successful survival.

Prices for slates (500 x 200mm Brazilian Black or Grey) fitted with a Bat Access Vent start at £ 45.00+VAT.

Please contact us for price and conditions for fitting to alternative Slates or Tiles.

Please see our Roofing Gallery for examples of these items.

Roof Vent in slate
Roof Vent in slate
Roofing ventilation in slate
Roof Vents with bat access