Quality Roof Tiles in Slate

The Brazilian slate roof tiles that we supply are of the highest quality and available in various sizes. These slate tiles for roofs do not discolour and are very flat, making the job for the installer much easier and faster, which results in reduced cost. There is a colour choice of roofing slate as it is available in either graphite (black) or blue/grey.

The slates are supplied pre-holed for nailing, have a traditional chopped edge to improve water run off and a fine riven surface. We recommend that the roof slate is fixed with either stainless steel hooks or copper nails.

Ardosia Slate Company hold stocks of the standard size roof slates listed below (in Black or Grey), which can be delivered within 5 working days. Other size, ‘rag’ slates, can be ordered direct from our own quarry with a delivery ‘lead time’ of between 8 and 10 weeks.

500mm x 250mm x 8mm
400mm x 200mm x 8mm

Brazillian roofing slate
Brazillian roofing slate
Slate tiles for cottages
Farmhouse slate tiles