Polished Slate Cheese Boards

Ardosia slate cheese boards and slate fruit plates are produced at our facility in North Devon using ‘offcuts’ from larger production items. Our Brazilian slate is a particularly dense material and after our craftsmen have polished it and given it a smooth edge, provides a particularly pleasing appearance which complements either traditional or contemporary settings for superb slate cheeseboards and slate fruit plates.

Each piece of slate is cut to an irregular shape before edging and polishing, ensuring that every cheeseboard or fruit plate manufactured by Ardosia Slate is totally unique. The underside of each item is fitted with rubber feet to provide protection for table tops etc. and then a proprietary sealer is applied, both to enhance the appearance of the slate and provide ‘food protection’.

The slate cheeseboards and fruit plates are produced in slate which is either 12mm, 15mm or 25mm thick and a variety are always available in stock. We can make these products to our client’s design, with variations in colour, shape, size and thickness, or we can even produce quantities of a single design/size as required, particularly useful for commercial applications.

Please contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Prices for slate cheeseboards/fruit plates start from £15.50 plus VAT, whilst the 'chipped edge' rectangular tray shown in the adjacent image is £10 plus VAT.

Slate Cheese Board
Slate Cheese Board
Polished cheeseboards made from slate
Hand Made Circular Fruit Plate