Slate Skirting, Architraves and Upstands

To complete the aesthetic appeal of a new floor, be it slate or other material, choose Ardosia Slate skirting boards manufactured from the same material as our tiles (either graphite/black or blue grey). Provided in 15mm thick slate and up to a maximum of 2000mm long, with the height specified by the client between 50mm and 150mm. The ‘face’ finish can be either riven (natural) or polished and viewed edges can be left square or rounded with a 5mm or 10mm radius, as desired.

Architraves to match skirting boards are also available, manufactured from the same 15mm thick slate, sourced from Ardosia’s Brazilian quarries, whilst the width can be specified by the client. Edging can also be specified to match skirting board and other decorative finishes. The length of slate available is limited to 2000mm and corners can be either ‘square cut’ or ‘mitre’.

Kitchen work surface ‘upstands’ are manufactured from the same slate with height and finish specified by the client.

Installation is accomplished using proprietary silicone adhesive and the only maintenance required is cleaning in accordance with standard hygiene practise and an occasional application of slate oil. The slate can be accurately cut using a ‘wet’ tile cutter.

Please email us with requests for quotations and in addition to surface/edge finish, please either provide a total length of material required or (if you wish us to cut to size) a sketch of the layout with accurate lengths of each piece required, to make sure that the edges/ends of the pieces are finished correctly.

swimming pool with slate protective skirting around the edges
swimming pool with slate protective skirting around the edges
Hallway with flowers and slate skirting and slate top on walls
grey slate architrave for a door with variations of slate floor tiles
skirting boards made from slate leading to stairs with slate floor tiles to match
hot tub and shower with slate tiles and skirting boards and wall panels
slate skirting around a low window sill with floor tiles to match
skirting and cladding in slate on a bar with barrel end