Laser Etching onto Slate and Stone

In response to customer demand, Ardosia Slate have invested in new technology to provide facilities for laser etching slate, stone, wood, glass, plastic and sundry other materials.

Our production facilities allow us to produce detailed images, or text, on a wide variety of materials and our technicians can advise on the most suitable method of achieving the result required, whether it be engraving or laser etching. Almost any computer generated image can be used to generate the end product.

With a great breadth of experience in the design and production of graphic and textual signs our craftsmen will advise on any aspect of the product, be it font style, upper or lower case, image size etc.. The depth of etching is variable and selected to suit the image and the application of the finished product.

A more economical method of production when multiple, identical products are required; laser etching is also more suitable for realising more detailed images and smaller monogrammed items. Ardosia can now provide a wide range of laser etching services on a range of materials and specialise in custom engraved slate house signs, please contact us for more information and prices.

Etching onto slate of Lynmouth harbour
Etching onto slate of Lynmouth harbour
Etching onto slate of Lynton town hall
Slate etched with an image of a rally car