Ancillary Items

Using the correct adhesives, grouts and sealers is just as important as the right slate. Ardosia slate company have built good relationships with a number of companies to provide customers with the right product for their job. We would not recommend the use of 'sand & cement' with natural slate and stone products.

We stock a range of products for installation/maintenance and listed below are a selection of our most popular products; however, if there is something specific you require please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you require large quantities please contact us to discuss discounts and delivery options.

Norcros rapid porcelain tile adhesive

Norcros rapid porcelain tile adhesive

Rapid porcelain set is a standard adhesive that can used to fix a number of materials, simply mix with water to the ratio advised and apply using a notched trowel.

The product has a setting time of 3 hours and is suitable for the following applications:

  • Wall & floor
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Under tile heating
  • Plywood overlay
  • Fully vitrified tiles
20kg bags
Coverage approx 3.5m2 with 4mm bed
Norcros Fleixible Grouts

Norcros Fleixible Grouts

Norcros wall and floor flexible grouts are suitable for a range of applications.

They can be used indoors or outdoors and have flexibility, allowing use with underfloor heating.

Wide joint aplications (2-20mm) are also catered for. The product is available in 5kg or 10kg bags and we stock limestone and dark grey colours.

Because coverage is dependent on the type of tiles used please refer to product technical sheet for guidance on quantities.

LTP Waxwash

LTP WAXWASH Maintenance

Specially formulated for use on un-glazed tiles such as travertine, stone, terracotta, slate and quarry tiles. The gentle cleaning action of LTP Waxwash makes it ideal for washing unsealed floors and those sealed with LTP Mattstone, LTP Colour Intensifier, LTP MPG Sealer or LTP Beeswax. This liquid soap contains linseed oil and needs no rinsing after use.

1ltr bottle
coverage approx 20m2 40 times

Technical Info Sheet



LTP Grimex is the answer to stubborn grime, old layers of wax or acrylic and even rubber sole marks on terracotta and natural stone flooring. Suitable for use on glazed and unglazed tiles, this product is excellent for renovating old quarry tiles, terracotta, slate, stone, marble and stone fireplaces.

Tips: Pick this product if you have stubborn dirt and grime, greasy films, dirty grouting, old layers of acrylic sealers and wax, rubber sole marks on glazed ceramics and porcelain, old and tired looking tiled floors, soot marks on stone fireplaces

1Ltr bottle
coverage approx 20m2 ( depended on severity)

Technical Info Sheet

LTP Matt stone sealer for a natural finish


Suitable for all wall and floor surfaces LTP Mattstone provides a natural matt finish with minimal change to surface character on travertine, quarry tiles, terracotta, slate, stone, unpolished marble, terrazzo and cement floors. Provides effective resistance to staining from coffee, wine and other domestic fluids. Maintain with LTP Waxwash on floors and LTP Stonewash on walls.

Tips: Can be used in wet areas. Suitable for interior and exterior use and on floors that have no damp proof course.

1Ltr bottle
coverage approx 20m2 ( depended on porosity)

Technical Info Sheet

LTP SATIN 1LTR Sealer for a satin surface seal


A hard wearing ionised acrylic semi-gloss sealer, that provides an easy to apply self shine satin surface seal on quarry tiles, terracotta, brick, slate, stone, terrazzo, unpolished marble and cement floors. LTP Ironwax Satin may be used as a wax protector in conjuction with LTP Antique or Clear Beeswax. Maintain with LTP Floorshine.

Tips: Interior Use Only. On more porous surfaces pre-seal with LTP Ironwax Primer. Do not use in wet areas

1Ltr bottle
coverage aprox 20m2 ( depending on porosity)

Technical Info Sheet

These are just a few of the ltp products we stock if you have queries about what is best for your floor and how to maintain different materials please contact us by phone (01271 831039) or email (

We will try are best to answer any questions you may have .