Slate Hearths & Fire Surrounds

At Ardosia Slate Company we create bespoke fire hearths to order as well as carrying a large selection of stock size slabs to enhance your fireplace.

Brazilian slate hearths not only look great but are also practical as they protect your surrounding flooring, and many heating appliances such as wood burners and stoves require a hearth to conform to UK regulations.

Please see the further information below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further details.

We can provide hearths in all shapes and sizes, below are a selection of our most requested shapes.

If a shape you require is not shown below, please get in contact and we will be happy to discuss.


T Shape

Tear Drop


D Shape

Cut to Template

Our Brazilian riven slate slabs come in a range of stock sizes, please see our stock price list for a full list of slab sizes and prices before fabrication costs.

For a no obligation quote please supply us with a rough sketch containing the required dimensions and details on any edges that you would like polished to finish. If you include your postcode we can price for delivery at the same time.

We stock our Brazilian Slate in two colours: Graphite Black and Blue Grey.

Graphite Black slate is available in 25mm or 40mm thickness.
Blue Grey slate is available in 25mm thick slate.

We recommend using 25mm thick slate for hearths that will be used with a wood burner or stove.

Fire hearths for an open fire will require a 40mm thick hearth and may need to be made in two pieces depending on the design to minimise any risk of cracking.
Decorative hearths can be made from either of the above thicknesses or in 12mm slate.

We can achieve the following edge profiles:

5mm Chamfer Edge Profile

10mm Chamfer Edge Profile

Aged Edge Profile

Full Bullnose Edge Profile

Half Bullnose Edge Profile

Pencil Edge Profile

Our slate has a fine riven finish, this means you will see some natural texture across the surface as well as some variation in colour. We do not stock honed slate.

We can try to select slabs that either have more texture and riven marking or are fairly clean and smooth depending on your preference, however we cannot guarantee the exact finish due to the characteristics of the natural product.

We can hand polish the surface of the slate if you would prefer a smoother finish, this process often reveals the next layer in the slate which results in additional colour variation across the face of the slate.

We advise that hearths are fitted by a Hetas registered installer; you can find installers locally to you here:

We recommend laying slate hearths on a solid concrete base with a full bed of flexible tile adhesive.


Day to day maintenance couldn’t be simpler, clean with a damp cloth and soapy water. The use of strong acid cleaners is also to be avoided this will not affect the slate however it may affect the layer of sealer on top, if this does happen clean the area with water and then when dry reapply the sealer.

It is recommended that at least once a year to reapply the oil sealer that is provided with every bespoke hearth order. This is for appearance’s sake; reapplying sealer will maintain a dark satin finish.

From time-to-time small scratches may appear in the surface these can be removed using fine wire wool and buffing the affected area, once this is done the sealer can also be reapplied to the area.