Slate Wall Tiles Gallery

Ardosia supply  12mm floor and wall tiles in slate with a large selection of sizes in stock. Our customers have kindly provided images of our slate tiles that are used in a variety of rooms.

Brazilian Graphite Black Riven Slate

Brazilian Blue Grey Riven Slate

Brazilian Graphite Black Hand Polished Slate

Slate Floor & Wall Tiles Gallery

Photos of a range of Ardosia slate floor tiles. 

Due to the large stocks we hold of our standard size tiles a customer can be sure of quick delivery, whether laying the tiles in a uniform, single size or random pattern.

Our natural slate tiles in graphite black and or blue/grey can be used to enhance any area of flooring be it inside or outside, kitchens, bathrooms, any where in a commercial or domestic setting. In addition to the obvious aesthetic advantages the natural slate will provide an extremely durable and safe surface that requires the very minimum of maintenance

For more information please contact us and we would be happy to help.