Bespoke Slate Hearths Cut To Shape

Ardosia Slate provide a bespoke manufacturing service for slate fire hearths that need to be cut to a specific size and or shape. Fireplace hearths are not uniform, no two hearths are the same size, even if you are in a new build, they are all different. The fire hearth shapes available are also incredibly varied, some hearths follow modern trends with shapes that reflect the aesthetics of a property.

Traditional old cottages would often have a standard rectangular hearth on which the fireplace stood. Modern installations, traditional open fires or wood burners usually sit on a T shaped fire hearth where they are inset below the chimney. The important point is that slate hearths can be varied in size and shape, they are rarely uniform and Ardosia Slate are one of the leading UK based companies supplying slate hearths cut to custom sizes.

Importantly, hearths can be provided in different thickness of slate, dependent on the heat output of the fire and the construction of the base on which it will sit. Obviously, the thickness of the slate will have a great effect on the appearance of the installation. It is possible to simulate thicker slate by adding downstands under the  whilst setting these back from the edge enables a shadow strip, allowing a very neat and hidden edge for carpet.

Whatever shape or size of hearth you are planning the profile of the leading edges should be considered. 

See our edge profile gallery for finished edge options. 

Circular Slate Hearth Shapes

Circular hearths are simply just that, a perfectly round piece of slate that forms the fire hearth.  Although our hearths are not limited to circles, they are often specified in portions of a circle. It is possible to have a fire hearth in any arc of a circle, if that is dictated by the shape of a room or fire, or at the whim of the customer. 

Circle fire hearths are popular where a wood burner is positioned in a space open to the sides and also, typically against a wall. If you are buying a quarter or semi-circle fire hearth, remember to provide plenty of space to the rear of your wood burner, to comply with safety regulations and to allow the air to circulate thus maximising efficiency.

Full circle fire hearths provide a great focal point where the fire is in the centre of the room.

Square, Rectangle & D Shape Slate Hearths

Ardosia Slate have supplied a huge number of square backed hearths, where the front edge is formed by an arc or rectangle. 

These are the most popular shaped slate fire hearths that are chosen. The depth or the arc is always specified by the customer to suit their requirements in terms of the functionality and appearance, whilst conforming to regulations.

Every D shaped slate fire hearth is different in length, width and depth. 

T Shaped Slate Hearths

A T-shaped slate fire hearth is the most popular choice where there is a pre-existing fireplace, especially where there are pillars and a mantle. You can use two or three standard rectangular pieces of slate to form the T shape with or without the joins showing. However, most of our customers require bespoke T shaped fire hearths to be cut in a single piece.

It is not unusual to cut T shaped hearths where the lengths of the side of the T are different, purely because one pillar juts out further than the other. This is not a problem for us, T shaped fire hearths cut to specific sizes in any dimension are a common requirement of our customers.

Templates may be required if the measurements or angle of a T shape hearth vary from left to right. We will advise you if this is needed at the time of quoting.

Unusual Shaped Fire Hearths

Ardosia cut slate fire hearths in a range of sizes and shapes, some of these are more unusual than others. 

We have created teardrop shaped fire hearths that really stand out, for an unusual look. Other shapes that can be cut include triangles, pentagons and hexagons.

Our team have the very latest in cutting equipment and can cut slate to highly accurate measurement. If you need an unusual shaped, custom cut slate hearth Ardosia would advise that a template is provided.