Slate Questions and Answers from Ardosia


open plan kitchen with slate worktop


Q: Is the slate slippery when wet?

A: Brazilian riven slate has a very good slip resistance when it is wet

    Please see the test results on the link below


Q: Can the slate be used externally?

A: Yes, Slate has been used as a waterproof material for hundreds of years.

     For example: Roofing slates, Patios, Steps and Window cills.


Q: How much does the slate cost?

A: The price will depend on the size and the thickness you require.

    Please have a look at our price list for stock sizes or if you  require bespoke sizes please contact us on 01271 831039


Q: Can you deliver?

A: We make all local deliveries ourselves with either a crane lorry or a pickup truck.

    All Nationwide deliveries are made via a pallet network and are all kerbside deliveries.


Q: Does the slate stain?

A: We recommend that you apply a sealer to the slate once the slate has been installed by applying a slate sealer will help prevent the slate from marking or staining.


Q: What type of adhesive do you use for slate?

A: We stock a Norcros Flexible Adhesive for general use for floor and wall tiles, which is great if  you are fitting under floor heating.


Q: Is it easy to drill holes in the slate?

A: The slate can be very easily drilled using a good quality masonry drill bit, Use the drill on a normal drilling action and take your time.


Q: Does the slate chip?

A: It will only chip if you hit the slate hard with a metal implement, if you find you have chipped the slate we recommend to use fine wire wool and lightly buff the surface.


Q: Can slate be cut to size?

A: We have the facilities to cut and shape the slate in many different ways.

If you were to send us a diagram/drawing we will cut and shape the slate to your requirements.


Q Is it possible to polish the edges of the slate?

A: yes, we can polish the edges in many different ways this is all done in our workshop.

    We can form a pencil edge, bullnose edge or an Aged edge to make the slate look worn.


Q: How heavy is the slate?

A: Brazilian slate weighs 30kgs per sq mtr at 10mm thick and 75kgs per sq mtr at 25mm thick

Eg: 900 x 600 x 10mm tile is 0.54m2 @ 30 kgs = 16.2kgs


Q: Will the slate fit in my car?

A: If you wish to collect your order from our warehouse, one of our very helpful staff members will pack and load the slate into your car.

    We will tell you the weight of your order, please check the size and the weight is suitable for your vehicle.

    A delivery service is optional if not.