Slate Worktops; Questions & Answers

Looking for a slate worktop for your home or business? Ardosia have been making slate worktops since 1984 for customers across the UK and abroad. Slate worktops are perfect for both commercial and residential kitchens as well as open plan living spaces, they are durable, require very little maintenance and look stunning, a completely natural material that is a perfect choice for a worktop.

Are Slate Worktops any Good?

Slate is a great material for worktops and there has been a significant increase in demand for slate worktops for higher end properties and from the leisure industry. Slate is a great material for a worktop due to the natural properties of slate.

It is easy to maintain the aesthetics, it does not absorb liquid like a wooden  worktop.
Slate can be cut into custom designed worktop shapes.
This is a natural material and readily available with little environmental impact.
Slate is very durable and hard wearing, much tougher than wood or plastic, with greater longevity.
Slate is perfect for a kitchen worktop as it does not stain and is easy to clean.
Each slate surface has a  different natural pattern so your worktop will always be unique.
Slate does not harbour bacteria making it ideal for food preparation areas.
open plan kitchen with slate worktop


How much does a Slate Countertop Cost?

Slate worktops vary in price, primarily related to the size and thickness of the slate. It is very cost effective in comparison with more expensive granite. The price of a slate kitchen worktop is also influenced by the design as this is the perfect choice for a custom worktop.

Slate worktops costs are determined by the design and measurements.
Thinner slate worktops are cheaper and easier to install than thick worktops.
Custom shaped worktops are more expensive than simple rectangular ones.
Slate worktops are generally less expensive than other types of stone.
Perfect for bespoke and non-standard designs as the slate can be cut to specifications.
Slate is very durable, lasts longer than many other materials and is a good investment.
Slate has low maintenance costs due to its durability.
open plan kitchen with slate worktop


Is Slate Good for Kitchen/ Food Preperation Countertops?

Slate is a great material for these surfaces. Ardosia sells worktops for a variety of uses and rooms from outdoor bbq areas to commercial serveries, kitchens and bars. The majority of worktops sold are for kitchens, breakfast bars and kitchen islands, either to replace ageing melamine/wood or in newly designed facilities. Slate is perfect as a material for use in the kitchen, read more:

Slate is fireproof and can take high levels of heat, making it ideal for high intensity kitchens.
Slate does not stain from natural food sources or cleaning products.
Slate is easy to clean down and to keep clean.
This is a hygenic product, the natural non-porous properties inhibit bacteria.
Very easy to clean up spilled liquids.
Very low heat transmission so slate is ideal if you use hot pans on a regular basis.
open plan kitchen with slate worktop


How do you Clean Slate Countertops?

Slate is really easy to clean and maintain, standard household cleaners such as disinfectant sprays are fine. As this is a non-porous material, it doesn’t absorb liquids so there is generally little need for abrasive materials.

It is easy to remove food debris such as crumbs.
Liquids are generally removed through wiping with soapy water.
For foods that have dried onto the slate and are harder to remove, a soak and light scrub with a nylon pad is generally sufficient to remove ingrained dirt.
On the rare occasion that you do get a stain  there are various specialist cleaning solutions ,based on hydrogen peroxide, that can be used.
The appearance of a slate worktop can be enhanced with a thin layer of teak oil, this is quick and easy to apply and also very cheap to buy.
open plan kitchen with slate worktop


Is Slate Safe to Eat off?

Slate is generally safe to eat off, in the same manner as you would a porcelain or plastic plate. The properties are very similar in that the material does not absorb liquids, so it is easy to clean and maintain. You may have noticed that many contemporary restaurants serve food on square and rectangular slate mats, probably more for the aesthetic value than enhancing food, but it proves the food safety point.

Slate is safe to eat off if the slate has been cleaned in the same manner as you would any other plate, although we do not recommend putting slate in a dishwasher. The finish of slate is always enhanced through the application of oil, some people even use cooking oil, it works fine and makes your slate look like it has never been used.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our questions and answers about slate worktops, if you have any more questions, please ask and we will endeavour to answer them here to help others. If you are looking for more information bout the worktops that we supply, why not visit our slate worktops for the home page where you will find details and images relating to slate worktops that we have supplied. If you are a commercial customer and are looking for a worktop in your commercial premises, have a look at our custom made worktops page and see some of the locations where we have installed our products. For a general view, have a look at our worktops photo gallery and you can see a huge range of installations that we have completed.