Quality Slate Signs Custom Engraved

Ardosia bespoke, engraved, slate house signs and slate number signs for houses and properties are an increasingly popular way to personalise and improve the ‘kerbside appearance’ of a property. All cut from the high quality slate imported by us from selected quarries in Brazil, the colour and texture of the slate signs for houses can be selected to suit the material and position of the proposed site, which should also dictate the size of the slate name/number sign and the text style used.

All our bespoke slate house signs are hand made by our own craftsmen, at our facility in North Devon, to the customer’s specification. We are not restricted to ‘lettering’ and ‘numbers’, graphics can also be engraved and coloured. All of our houses names in slate are custom made to any specific requirements of our clients.

Once the colour of the slate and the size (from very small to very large achievable) of the slate house sign has been determined, there are still many choices to be made:

What shape should the slate sign be? Our craftsmen will cut the slate to your preferred shape. Do you require any edging to the sign? The selection available includes finishes such as ‘square’, ‘pencil’, ‘bull nose’, 'chipped' or ‘antique’ (aged); specify the edging required at the time of ordering. The finish of the slate, prior to engraving, must be specified as riven, polished etc.

How will the slate house sign be mounted? Consideration must be given to the size, thickness (weight) and shape of the sign, as well as the material that will be providing the background and support. Will adhesive be used for fixing or are screw holes required? Specify screw holes, position, number and size, at time of ordering. We will be happy to advise when we know where and on what material the sign will be mounted.

Other personal preferences such as the ‘typeface’ for characters and even the colouring (if any) of the engraving all contribute to providing a unique nameplate to complement the aesthetics of your home or business premises. Our engravers will normally size the text to provide the maximum character size for the area of the sign, so remember to specify this if you want something different. See our Engraved Slate Signs Gallery for further examples and suggestions.

Remember that signs can also be manufactured to provide directions (either in text or symbols), commercial property and building name signs, information boards or as purely wall decoration for either interior or exterior use. Almost any of our products can be engraved and we will be happy to advise on any project you may be considering. Prices start from as little as £55, for an average size house name plate in 25mm thick slate.

Cockerel slate engraved house sign or farm sign
Cockerel slate engraved house sign or farm sign
A collection of slate signs for houses with numbers
Make a wish, girl angel blowing heart bubbles on an engraved slate sign
Make a wish engraved slate sign
Cup of coffee with steam engraved sign, perfect for a business
The Coach House slate sign with engraving
Cottage name sign engraved in slatye
Street sign for a house engraved in slate
Name for a person and dogs prints in slate
Restaurant lists in slate
Shop products and prices on an engraved slate sign
images of an owl engraved in slate
Image iof a tiger engraved in slate
Gold letter slate sign for a house
Custom engraved holiday home slate sign
David Beckham image engraved in slate
Custom made chess board engraved in slate
Bespoke engraved slate clock
custom engraved slate picture of house
Engraved slate wisgn with a fox in a kitchen
Engraved sign with a stag behind a cooker.
Cheeseboard with an engraved custom design
engraved traditional barn sign with owl