Slate Shower Trays - Further Information

Why choose a real slate shower tray?

Slate is a completely natural material and is very fine grained, this means that it is made up of highly compressed layers that bond together making it very waterproof and one of the best materials for a shower tray. 

It is only recently that the tools have become available to transform slate into new products and one of these is the real alternative to a slate effect shower tray.

Slate effect shower trays have long been a popular alternative to a standard white ceramic shower tray. These slate effect shower trays are only available in standard sizes and have fixed waste locations. Ardosia's real slate shower trays are all made to order meaning we can customise the size, shape & waste location to suit your design. 

There are several differences between slate and a man made version mimicking the natural product. The look of a natural product is the primary difference. As slate has its own graining, when a flat sheet of thick slate is cut and polished down, you can see the layers of the slate. This gives each shower tray its own unique pattern which can be compared to the rings of a tree, the application of water only enhances these markings.

The feel of the product is also different, you can tell from the touch of a slate shower tray that it is natural. The effect of hot water on the surface will warm the slate underfoot. 

We stock a range of matching floor & wall tiles which compliment the slate shower trays and enhance the overall look of your bathroom or wet-room.

If you are looking to add value to your home, improve your property price or want to improve the aesthetic of your home a wow factor is needed, a slate shower tray is great way to achieve this.