Slate Colours

What colours of Brazilian slate do Ardosia supply?

Our Brazilian slate is sold in two colours; Graphite, which is very dark grey and Blue Grey, which is lighter and sometimes described as having a tinge of green.

We always try to accommodate a customer’s request for a specific shade or texture, where more than one slab is used to create a product great care is taken to match the natural features of all slabs used.

Examples of the differing shades can be seen in our Gallery. 

If you would like a small sample piece of each colour please contact us and we would be happy to arrange this.

What are the natural properties of slate?

Natural slate has the lowest level of water absorption, it is measured at 0.3% which means that the material is waterproof, thus it does not crack as a result of frost and freezing temperatures.

The graining is one of the finest in metamorphic rock, therefore, the surface can be incredibly smooth for a natural riven slate and can be enhanced through polishing. This combination of characteristics make slate ideal for use in areas where it comes in contact with liquids. 

The natural formation of riven slate from compressed materials over millions of years means that it is easy to cut into sheets of varying thickness. This means that slate is ideal for flooring and any surface that requires a large area to be covered by a relatively light natural material.

All our slate products have unique properties, which include fine riven texture, shade and marking variations. These are features of a natural product and show the individuality of each piece. These features will not affect the durability of the product.