Special Offers

Speckled Grey Limestone Slab

Devonian Stone

Devonian Stone paving from Ardosia is a Limestone with a varied colour and texture which provides a ‘rustic’ appearance. With a slightly rough surface it is highly slip resistant and therefore perfect for exterior use and ideal for patios. 

It is available in 400mm or 500mm wide x varying lengths x 22mm.

Reduced to £25 per m2 + VAT & delivery.

Speckled Sandy Grey Coloured Slate Tile

Cosmic Latte Limestone

Cosmic Latte Limestone 

Various length x 600mm wide x 20mm. 

 £35.00 per m2 + VAT & delivery.

Black & White Speckled Granite Paving Slab

Blanco Nero Granite

Black & White speckled granite paving slabs.

900 x 600 x 20mm

 £30 per m2 + VAT & delivery.

A Dark Grey Textured Spanish Riven Slate Tile

Spanish Riven Slate

Spanish Riven Slate - Ideal for Steps, Wall Capping or Paving.

Very heavily textured and varying thickness across the length of the slab from approx. 30-35mm.

1200 x 300 x 30/35mm = £20.00 each

1200 x 500 x 30/35mm = £40.00 each

1500 x 300 x 30/35mm = £27.50 each

1500 x 500 x 30/35mm = £48.00 each

All prices + VAT & delivery (Collection Available)

Slate Off-cuts in a Wooden Crate Outdoors

Crates of slate offcuts

Offcuts remaining from the manufacture of bespoke orders are offered for sale at a price of £100 per crate + VAT & delivery.

Each crate will contain a mixture of black and grey slate with thicknesses between 12mm and 40mm (although most offcuts are in 25mm thick) and in a variety of shapes and sizes.