Ordering from Ardosia Slate

Any order placed is subject to confirmation by Ardosia Slate Ltd and is only accepted in accordance with our standard  terms and conditions.

All the slate we supply is obtained from licensed quarries and is a completely natural product. The appearance of the material is variable and dependent on natural conditions and we make no guarantee as to the precise pattern or texture of any particular piece. Similarly, the colour of the slate can very from a very dark black to a pale grey, generally the slate is sold as either black (graphite) or grey (green/grey) and within either selection there may be variations in colour, as there will be in any naturally occurring material. However, we will make every effort to satisfy particular customer requirements with regard to texture, patterning and colour if these are made clear at the time of ordering. We recommend that customers personally inspect the product range prior to ordering and we will provide samples at your request (we welcome visitors to our premises and will reserve specific pieces on customer selection).

3 size modular pattern

Calculating quantities, for flooring, or joint placement for work surfaces, can seem a daunting task but if you contact  one of our sales team we will do our best to provide any assistance you require:

For flooring we require either the total m2 of the area and tile sizes you require, or if you’re not too sure provide us with accurate plans and we will calculate all the tile quantities for you. If you require set patterns we will calculate exactly what you need for the project. Please advise us if you require ‘adhesive’, ‘grout’ or ‘sealer’ (we do not recommend the use of sand & cement with slate or stone products).

For worktops, fire hearths, cills and steps we require either accurate plans/diagrams or templates, (preferably made out of hardboard/plywood). We do offer a ‘template’ and ‘fitting’ service, please contact us for more details, although this can be undertaken by any competent tradesman or skilled DIYer..

When ordering Fire Hearths please ensure that your dimensions meet fire regulations, your builder or stove supplier should be able to help with these.

A delivery date must be agreed and all goods must be paid for in full before we can commence any cutting, once cutting has commenced no changes can be accepted to the order without additional charges being incurred. We accept all major credit cards and payment can be accepted on the telephone, or payment by BACS transfer can be arranged when work will commence after receipt of cleared funds.