Commercial Bar Tops & Counters

Our commercial slate bars and counters are fabricated from the finest Brazilian slate. They complement any contemporary or classic bar setting, transforming it into a practical and sophisticated environment. Handmade and crafted in Devon, our slate bars and serveries have been commissioned by a number of leading hotels, restaurants and bar or pub chains creating a stunning visual look with a stone that is perfect for the job.

We provide a full cutting and finishing service to match your designs and specifications for custom made slate bar taps & counters. The surface of the slate can be hand polished, edges can be machined to any of the profiles shown below and draining grooves can be added. Worktops can be cut to templates (or detailed drawings) and provision can be made for installing ice buckets, hand washing basins, glass rinsers, heated plate dispensers, as well as holes for taps or beverage dispensers.

Please see the further information below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further details.

Slate worktops are priced individually, there are varying factors that determine the price, these include:

  • The amount of slate slabs required. 
  • The thickness of the slate, 25mm or 40mm are available.
  • The finished edge profile chosen. 
  • Any cut outs for taps, sinks, hobs etc.

Our Brazilian riven slate slabs come in a range of stock sizes, standards widths before cutting to size are :

  • 450mm
  • 650mm 
  • 900mm

The maximum length we can provide in a single piece is 2300mm , the largest slab available is 2300 x 1300mm.

For a no obligation quote please supply us with a rough plan containing the required  
dimensions and details of any tap holes, hob and sink cut outs. If you include your  
postcode we can price for delivery at the same time.

We stock our Brazilian Slate in two colours: Graphite Black and Blue Grey.

Graphite Black worktops can be produced in either 25mm or 40mm thick slate.
Blue Grey worktops can be produced in 25mm thick slate.

The final touch to any bespoke order is the selection of your preferred edge profile. Our slate technicians apply all edge profiles by hand to ensure the best quality craftsmanship.

We can achieve the following edge profiles:

5mm Chamfer Edge Profile

10mm Chamfer Edge Profile

Aged Edge Profile

Full Bullnose Edge Profile

Half Bullnose Edge Profile

Pencil Edge Profile

Our slate has a fine riven finish, this means you will see some natural texture across  
the surface as well as some variation in colour. We do not stock honed slate.
We can try to select slabs that either have more texture and riven marking or are  
fairly clean and smooth depending on your preference, however we cannot guarantee the  
exact finish due to the characteristics of the natural product.
We can hand polish the surface of the slate if you would prefer a smoother finish,  
this process often reveals the next layer in the slate which results in additional  
colour variation across the face of the slate.

Whenever possible we will endeavour to cut worktops from single slabs however it is  
often the case that the need for multiple slabs is unavoidable, in these cases our  
technicians will select slabs that provide as close a match as possible.


Day to day maintenance couldn’t be simpler, just treat like a normal worktop regularly cleaning with a damp cloth and soapy water.

It is recommended that at least once a year to reapply the oil sealer that is provided with every order. This is for appearance’s sake; reapplying sealer will maintain a dark satin finish.

From time-to-time small scratches may appear in the surface these can be removed using fine wire wool and buffing the affected area, once this is done the sealer can also be reapplied to the area.

Things to avoid:

•    Although slate worktops are hardwearing and resilient you should avoid cutting directly on the surface, use of a chopping board is always recommended this can be said for all types of stone worktop.
•    Day to day use with hot pans should not affect the slate however we recommend using heat bars or chopping boards when placing very hot objects on the tops rather than directly onto the surface.
•    The use of strong acid cleaners is to be avoided