Quoting For or Ordering a Bespoke Slate Fire Hearth

If you would like to order or get a quote for a bespoke slate fire hearth, please follow the process below. Ardosia Slate have manufactured thousands of made to measure slate fire hearths in a great number of different designs and we can provide you with a no obligation quote for your specific measurements.

Ardosia Slate carry stock in two colours for fire hearths. Our Brazilian graphite black riven slate is available in 25mm and 40mm thick slate and the alternative is Brazilian blue grey riven slate which is available in 25mm thick slate only.

There are three different edge profiles available for a slate hearth:

  1. The pencil edge profile is where we leave the edges square but just taking the sharpness off the edges, this is the ideal finish for a modern and contemporary space.
  2. The Aged edging is where we polish into the layers of the slate leaving the edges looking naturally worn, great if you are looking to match into a traditional fireplace, ideal for older styled properties.
  3. The 10mm round edging (half bullnose), this has a round to the top edge on the slate, the rounded the top edge makes this a compromise between the two edge patterns above.

To get a no obligation quote, please email the following information to enquiries@ardosiaslate.co.uk

  • The sizes and a drawing showing your requirements.
  • The colour, thickness and edge profile for your hearth.
  • If you require delivery, please provide your postcode.

Ardosia Slate will then be able to provide you with a quote for your slate hearth, with or without delivery as per your requirements.

Please note that slate fire hearths can be used for wood burners and open fires. We recommend a hearth in 40mm thick slate manufactured in 2 pieces for an open fire.

The image below shows the colour difference between blue/grey and black slate:

slate in grey and black comparison


The image below shows the pencil edged profile:

Brazilian slate with a pencil edge profile


The image below shows the aged edge profile:

Brazilian slate with an aged edge profile


The image below shows the 10mm round edge profile:

Brazilian slate with a 10mm round edge profile