Polished Surface Limestone Slabs

Originating from the same quarries as our Riven Limestone slabs and with the same physical properties these stones have the appearance of suffering from the shuffling feet of millions of pilgrims visiting holy shrines. The slabs are available in 2 different colours; Cathedral Black or Cathedral Ashlar. A very slight undulation in the polished surface gives added interest to the limestone slab. 

When used indoors and laid with a flexible tile adhesive (we do not recommend the use of sand & cement with slate and stone products), the stone is suitable for use with underfloor heating. These slabs require the very minimum levels of maintenance, needing only a wet mop for cleaning and an occasional application of 'sealer'.



Cathedral Black Polished Limestone Slab
Cathedral Black Polished Limestone Slab
Cathedral Ashlar
Cathedral Ashlar Polished Limestone